Tired of spinning your wheels?

of waking up exhausted, uninspired and ready to binge watch Netflix to avoid the deep creeping feeling of unfulfillment inside?

This is for YOU!

Leap and Launch Mastermind
Leap and Launch Mastermind

I spent the first 27 years of my life lying to myself...

Shoving my truth down,
moulding myself into what I believed I should be.
Guess where that got me?

30k in school debt,
Pregnant with a beautiful baby but with a man who simply tolerated me and that’s putting it nicely. 
Deeply depressed,
50 pounds overweight and ready to run for the door on my whole life!
My rockbottom.
This is the place I never want you to get there
It's ugly down there...

Look at the messages I got...


EVERYONE thought they knew what was best for me...

At first, I internalized their judgements.

Was I a bad mom?

Was I taking too much risk?

Was I out of my mind for quitting my old life?

They didn't think a single mom with a baby on her hip could build a business, Jump on a plane, move to a place where ice-cold winters are non-existent, drink freshly squeezed orange juice every day, and live near the mountains all while helping other businesses grow.

I Did.

but it wasn't easy.

They tried to break me apart,

I moved toward my purpose,

I challenged what was expected of

me and...

I Learned to LEAP!

Leaping is about working with who you are, not against.  

I want you to stop being a mere bystander in your own life and be an active participant.

I want you to stop giving your authority away to others, waiting for others to tell you who you are and what is good for you

I want you to look in the mirror every morning and see yourself as the creator of your life

I have built a business where my intuition, my energy, my passion for learning, communication and technology all can meet!

Where all parts of me fit.

Those that work with me come to me because they align with me, because their soul sees my soul, because they know we can create magic together. 

But when I was working unaligned to my purpose, driven from survival and barely hanging on I was attracting energy sucking, superficial and highly unconscious people to my life both intimately and professionally. 

It wasn't until I learned to embrace who I truly am, flaws and all. To speak my truth and create from that place that has made this incredible life possible for me. 

And I want this for you!

⚠️Warning: This path will shift your reality, enter at your own risk.⚠️

If you are here, Welcome!

I believe nothing in this life happens without reason, thank you for being open enough to be here.

You have done everything you believed was going to make you happy, fulfilled and successful. 

To some extent you are.   
But something feels empty, you want to change.

You want more! 

You are tired of being everyone's saviour.
(That's too much responsibility. )

You are tired of having to work so hard and seeing that it's still not enough.

You are starting to realize that there has to be another way...


And I am here to tell you that there is!

Ask yourself: What is my vision?

If this speaks to you...CONGRATULATIONS!

I've created the perfect 3 month container

To walk you in the path of the brave…

The path where you're guided to action

The path of leaping like MF badass.

Yes, I swear a lot. (Ps. if you don't like it, you should probably quit reading… PPS, My grammar really sucks so…. You know the drill by now, Bye!)

Introducing THE LEAP AND LAUNCH Mastermind!

Starting cohort of 2022 starts September 5th, 2022 opening up for 10 lucky women!


This Mastermind is for you if:

  • You are feeling stuck

    and frustrated with the way your life has turned out after doing what everyone told you would be best for you.

  • You have been trying to launch

    The business, the course, the program, the book but always can't seem to finish it.

  • You have a deep calling within

    To change but have no idea where or how to start that change…

  • You have come to see

    That you keep standing in the way of your own success.

  • You feel alone and isolated

    On this journey and are ready to meet people on the same path. 

  • You are ready for your vision

    Inside to come alive and match the reality you live.

  • You are over being in your comfort zone

    And ready to work fully from your zone of genius!

  • You are ready to work smarter

    And not harder!

But Gicela, What will this cost me?

Great question! I'm soooo glad you asked.

It will cost you everything that no longer serves you…

It will cost you opportunities that no longer aligned to your highest good.

It will cost you people that thrived off keeping you playing small… 

It will cost you your old life for a whole brand new one that brings you the love, the family and the money, the time… TO LIVEEEEE.

It will cost you full surrender of the control you have held so tightly to survive this far…

Because now, you are ready to THRIVE... 

Gicela Asking questions

But Gicela, What will this cost me?

Gicela Asking questions

Great question! I'm soooo glad you asked.

It will cost you everything that no longer serves you…

It will cost you opportunities that no longer aligned to your highest good.

It will cost you people that thrived off keeping you playing small… 

It will cost you your old life for a whole brand new one that brings you the love, the family and the money, the time… TO LIVEEEEE.

It will cost you full surrender of the control you have held so tightly to survive this far…

Because now, you are ready to THRIVE... 

  • thinking (1)

    You woke up every morning knowing that you were completely supported and knew the exact next step to take in your life and business.

  • thinking (1)

    You felt at peace with every past and future decision because you know you can trust yourself.

  • thinking (1)

    You had unbreakable belief in yourself and everything you created.

  • thinking (1)

    You made every deep calling within you a reality. #Iwantitigotit

  • thinking (1)

    You were surrounded by people who had deep belief in you and you in them.

  • thinking (1)

    You saw the way your progress and decision deeply and positively impacted your partner, your children and anyone that came into your life.

Hey I'm Gicela…

I don't want to be another person that tells you how to live your life, what you should do to change it or what is the quick fix to your happiness.

But what I do have a bit of knowledge and experience on is leaping...

I leaped when...

I left the father of my daughter without having a backup plan.

When I started my business and started serving others in marketing and website development being all self-taught and with zero schooling behind it.

When I started to write my book that is now in the process of being published.

When I knew I wanted to travel for a living and do it with my daughter by my side.

I leap today and everyday when I create the transformational work that I do with women because I followed my soul's calling.

Gicela bathing in rio

I leaped and every time I thrive into better outcome!

I've dedicated these past 4 years to discovering ways to unbreak myself, to become successful and happy and what I've found is that what I actually wanted was none of that. What I've found to be more important than any of that was PEACE. 

Yes, peace of the mind,  Peace in my heart, a shit ton of forgiveness.  I've found that I was never broken but that I was taught to believe I was. I found that I do not want success, unless it's on my terms,

And so here we are.

I am not a guru, a saviour, or an influencer.

I am Gicela, a girl who through leaping found her truest calling.

Who has done all the work to lead herself into greatness and I want to share with you.

So if you Identify with any of this… this is for you, this is for the women I Love.

Gicela I want in.

What should I do next?


Await A Reply!

which should take 1- 2 business days. You will be asked to book a call with me if your applications was accepted. 


Let's get to the nitty gritty of all that you will experience: 

✔ 12 Group coaching sessions so you can meet and collaborate with women who are in the path of the brave with you!

✔ 10 foundational modules which will break down the methodology of leaping and all the tools that will help you create your new reality.

✔ 10 workbooks with the exercises that will keep you accountable to the changes you are making as they bring you close to your truth and transformation.

✔ 3 month Private Group Whatsapp support where you will be able to ask questions and get real time support and feedback from myself and the women in your cohort.

✔ 1 year access to the Leap and launch Learning Vault so that you can come back to the work as many times as you need.

✔ Expert interview from mentors who will speak on topics from confidence, healing, money mindset, and business strategy.

✔ Mastermind Expert round table where you will be put in the hot seat and your business idea or project is going to get the attention of the whole group and later interviewed live on Instagram and facebook to promote the work you are creating and doing!

A safe space to collectively hold each and every one of it's participants, as each of us evolve together in this space where you will accept, surrender and trust yourself.

But here is what you are really getting…

You will leave this program with something that no one can take away from you and that is your own self-belief, your own self-love and your ability to be your best advocate.

You can lose a lover, a job, and shit may feel like it's burning down around you… BUT you can't lose yourself and all that you have invested into your mind, body and soul.

You will leave with the tools to leap into your goals and make aligned decisions for your life and business over and over again.


Some women I've had the honor of leaping with...

Into new businesses, starting new lives and discovering what they are truly made of!

Untitled design (40)

I was afraid to be me in business...

"I have been working with Gicela for about 3 years. She has been able to pull the real out of me. I was always afraid to be me in business because I am CEO and Financial Advisor and I didn't think my personality would attract clients because I am very goofy and bubbly! Gicela was able to help me with healing the inner child which allowed me to stop negative patterns and get out of my victim mode I was in sometimes. Not only she cared for me so much but she truly wanted to see me succeed and that she did! I have never felt so free and happy to get out of my comfort zone and do things that are ME! I don't fear the judgement anymore…I will always hear her voice telling me : "You are a fucking QUEEN!!!" and that keeps on pushing me further."

Melanie Rousseau
CEO Money Mama TO


You showed me myself..

 "You basically gave me a mirror and you said here, this is what you're doing to yourself. 


You made me realize many things. It's not like you were saying don't do this, or don't do that. you made me realize it for myself and in a different way with compassion. And that's what you do. It's amazing.


You got this gift, see right through the person."



Founder of NJ Creatives


Rosamaria Testimonials (2)

Simply one of the greatest investments...

She has taught me to create a happy balanced life and ensured that I was feeling good about my choices. She has helped me to focus my attention on appreciating the positive things in my life 

Thank you Gicela for getting me to dig deep to help me figure out my passion in life, so I can live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. I have so many things to be grateful for and a lot more to look forward to. My days feel much richer.

Simply one of the greatest investments I've made in myself has been working with Gicela, feeling stronger and empowered. Can't wait to see what is next!"


Rosemarie Scaglione

CEO Of Richness & Simplicity

Testimonials (3)

Gicela's work is deep, meaningful, powerful & life-changing...

She coaches in a way that most can't; from her gut, from her unbelievably adventurous lived experience, she is real & raw and therefore makes you feel safe to be authentic too. 

She walks the walk more than almost anyone I know & lives what she preaches. 

Gicela reminds all of us leaders & experts to have faith in moments of despair, to take action in an aligned way & leads you in a magical, beautiful way to your highest self. 

Take her up on anything she offers & let yourself feel the relief of being held by her support, experience & natural genius! This is a woman who GETS it, who is doing her OWN work & therefore has the power to help you through yours.


Paloma Lev
High-Ticket Sales Coach

Are you ready to leap with us?

But Gicela, What if I don't have a business will this still work for me?

Of course! This is about doing the inner work hand in hand with the execution and ideation of business or project.  This is about teaching you to leap without sabotaging yourself, and giving you the support to execute on your ideas and helping you take the next step.

Gicela on top of the mountain
Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 7.15.54 PM

This program is not for everyone… 

And that is ok, that is why I want you to only apply if you are ready to open yourself up and trust the process we are going to embark on together.

If you are going to come in with you walls up please don't apply, but if you are ready to sit with us and look at what is truly holding you back then I will welcome you with open arms.


Have more questions? Feel free to reach out by email at gicela@forthewomenilove.com.

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