"A Guiding Light For Women In the Darkest Part Of Their Journey..."

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What People who came to the live readings have to say about the book?

"One of the bravest pieces of writing I've ever read. I savoured every chapter. To say it's powerful is an understatement. It's courageous as hell. It's gonna change lives. It moved me to tears. Every woman needs to read this. The honesty in her words is electrifying & breath-taking!"  - Paloma Lev

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About the Author:

Gicela Holguin is a magnetic Colombian-born Author and Coach raised in Toronto, Canada. From a very young age, she struggled to make sense of a complex identity (never Latina enough and never Canadian enough) against a backdrop of complex trauma. This inner conflict led her on a constant search to find her place in the world with many unsuccessful attempts to make homes out of other humans. A woman of true grit and resilience, she wrote the book she wish she had as a young woman. Today, she is on a mission to show women how to become whole again by turning their past traumas into their superpowers. 

She is currently living her best life in Cali, Colombia, with her 6-year-old mogul-in-the-making and her co-parenting baby daddy. You can find her sweaty in the salsa clubs in Cali or in the comfort of her home overlooking the city with a hot cup of black Colombian coffee, capturing pure raw moments and turning them into magical words.

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